Reading Curriculum

  • As per House Bill 1558, not later than July 15, 2023, and by each July 15 annually thereafter, Indiana school corporations and charter schools must post information about their reading program curriculums. This should include the name and publisher of the school's chosen curriculum and remedial programs by grade level, as well as contact information for an administrator if a patron has any questions.

    In our case, we can share the following;

    • Name & Publisher of our adopted reading and writing curriculum by grade level:
      • Grades K-5 : Wonders - McGraw Hill
      • Grades 6-8 : ELA Amplify - Amplify
    • Remedial Programs provided by the school by grade level:
      • Grades K-5 : Literacy Footprints (Title 1 Support); MyPath (Curriculum Associates)
      • Grades 6-8 : MyPath (Curriculum Associates)
    • Administrative Contact
      • Please contact Scott Jaworski, Assistant Superintendent, if you have any questions regarding our reading and writing curriculum (or remedial programs). You may call him at (765) 675-2146, ext. 3326, or contact him by email.

    Furthermore, under the section titled Science of Reading Curriculum Advisory List, beginning with the 2024-2025 school year, local governing bodies must adopt reading curriculum(s) aligned to the science of reading during their next local adoption cycle.