A Team Driven By Excellence

  • Our team at TCSC is committed to teamwork and excellence. If you're looking for a new and exciting career, or even just looking for a change of pace, you can find it here.

    When you think of working in a school system, you may feel like you need to have a teaching degree and years of experience--in fact, you couldn't be further from the truth! It takes a number of people for the system to run smoothly, and we employ people with varying backgrounds.

    If you're interested in making or starting your career with TCSC, we invite you to check back often. Chances are, you'll find an opportunity that is a perfect fit for you!

Employment Links

  • Certified Opportunities
  • Non-certified Opportunities
  • Part-time Opportunities

Background Checks

  • Certified Employee Background Checks
  • Non-Certified Employee Background Checks
  • VOLUNTEER Background Checks

Should I fill out the certified or non-certified background check?

  • If you are a teacher or administrator, you should fill out the background check for certified employees. If you're looking for a non-teaching or non-administrative position, you should fill out the non-certified background check.