Tipton Technology

  • Our technology program is among the best, and we offer competitive programs that use technology to its fullest.

    The purpose of our 1:1 program is, first and foremost, to enhance student learning by offering multiple avenues of learning. These devices have varying capabilities that reinforce student learning, a goal to which all schools can undoubtedly commit.

    A secondary purpose of our program is to help teach students the proper ways to use equipment. It is our belief that our graduates should be fully capable of using both tablets and laptop computers--this gives them a great head start in the workforce.

Quick Links

  • Need help with a school-issued device? Submit a ticket to our online system!

    Visiting our school and need guest wifi access? Fill out a request form!

    You can read through our acceptable use policy here.

Tipton Technology Overview

  • iPads 1,000
  • MacBooks 650
  • Security Cameras 180+
  • Access Points 116+
  • Servers & Switches 45+
  • Apple TVs 80
  • Windows 15+
  • Androids 10+