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High School News

  • Tipton Livestock Judging Teams Place in Top 5 at Hoosier Beef Congress

    Posted by Bianca Stahl on 12/6/2021

    Eighteen members of the Tipton Livestock Judging Team participated in the Livestock Judging Contest at the Hoosier Beef Congress in Indianapolis on December 4th. Team members evaluated 6 classes of heifers based on their structure and appearance. The junior team of Claire Cloud, Garrett Larson, Ellie Powell and Emma Powell placed 3rd. Placing 5th were team members Kinsey Nunemacher, Trice Marsh and Macy Nunemacher. The team of Lilly Cloud, Maggie Cline, Dylan Achenbach, and Darci Dunn placed 7th. Individually, Claire Cloud placed 4th, Kinsey Nunemacher placed 12th, Darci Dunn was 18th and Trice Marsh was 20th.

    The senior reasons team consisting of Kenzie Larson, Evelyn Harris, Kenzie Plake and Evan Powell placed 6th. Individually, those placing in the top 20 were Kenzie Place, 16th, and Evelyn Harris, 18th. The team would like to thank Phil Ripberger Farms and Parker Farms for hosting team members for onsite practices to prepare for the contest and Friends of Tipton FFA for their continued support! The team is led by Erik Larson and Bryan Cline.

    The Tipton Livestock Judging Team members that participated in the Hoosier Beef Congress Judging Contest include:

    Photo 1 - (not in order) Lillian Cloud, Darci Dunn, Claire Cloud, Jillian Anderson, Emma Powell, Ellie Powell, Kinsey Nunemacher, Macy Nunemacher, Maggie Cline, Dylan Achenbach, Ada Schulenburg, Katie Wolford, Garrett Larson, Trice Marsh, Evelyn Harris, Kenzie Plake, Kenzie Larson, Evan Powell. Coaches - Erik Larson and Bryan Cline

    Tipton Livestock Judging Team is pictured at the contest. Members are seated on bleachers in front of a red and white cloth

    Photo 2 – The team of Garrett Larson, Emma Powell, Ellie Powell, and Claire Cloud placed third in the junior division. Claire was 4th placed individual.

    Garrett Larson, Emma Powell, Ellie Powell, and Claire Cloud hold banners showing their placement in the contest.

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  • Tipton Well-Represented at Area Crops, Forestry and Entomology CDE

    Posted by Bianca Stahl on 12/3/2021

    Tipton students participated in the FFA/4-H Area Crops, Forestry and Entomology Career Development Events in Grant County on November 30.

    The crops team members identified crop/weed seeds, identified crop/weed plants, determined plant diseases/damages, took an agronomy quiz, and completed a grain grading exercise. The Junior crops team of Oliver Stewart, Jacob Hartley and Claire Cloud placed 5th in the junior division. Oliver placed 9th individually in the junior division.

    The Forestry CDE includes completing a knowledge exam about forestry products, management and ecosystems, as well as identifying trees by leaves, seeds and woods. Eric Grimes earned a spot in the top 20 in the senior division.

    In the Entomology CDE, Kyra Ley placed 7th. Contestants take an exam on insect damage, control measures and impact on public health. They also identify insects by order, family and common name.


    Crops, Forestry, and Entomology Team members include:

    Front row - Caroline Rodibaugh, Monroe Stewart, Wyatt Dunn, Claire Cloud, Weston Kellerman
    Back row - Eric Grimes, Oliver Stewart, Jacob Hartley, Lillian Cloud, Brielle Kellermanm, Darci Dunn, Kyra Ley

    Entomology & Forestry members shown in front of a bus

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  • Tipton FFA & 4-H Experience Success at Fall Career Development Events

    Posted by Bianca Stahl on 10/25/2021

    Members of the Tipton FFA and 4-H showed their skills and knowledge in a variety of career development events this fall, including Milk Products Evaluation, Meats Evaluation, Livestock Skillathon and Horticulture.

    The Milk Quality and Products participants identify cheese, off flavors in milk, dairy versus imitation dairy products, problem solve, and complete a knowledge exam. Team members consisted of: Drake Boyer, Conner Calloway, Kyra Ley, Andrew Powell, Bailey Douglass and Jarod Cheek. The team consisting of Andrew Powell, Kyra Ley, Conner Calloway and Drake Boyer placed 9th at the State Contest at the Boone County Fairgrounds on September 11th.

    Both middle and high school members of the Tipton FFA, as well as Tipton 4-H members, competed in the Area VIII Livestock Skillathon Career Development Event at the Cass County Fairgrounds in Logansport on September 17th. Livestock Skill-a-thon includes items such as: a livestock industry quiz, a quality assurance scenario, equipment identification, meat identification (species, primal cut, retail cut and cookery method), Breed identification (sheep, swine, goats and beef cattle), and feedstuff identification. Competing team members include Kinsey Nunemacher, Macy Nunemacher, Lillian Cloud, Ada Schulenburg, Robert Eisman, Trice Marsh, Ellie Powell, Kenzie Larson, Kenzie Plake, Emily Hartley, Brogan Foerg, Darci Dunn, Emma Powell, Brielle Kellerman, and Wilbur Pearson. In the junior division, the team of Brogan Foerg, Lillian Cloud, Kinsey Nunemacher, and Darci Dunn placed 3rd. Brogan Foerg earned 1st place individual in the junior division. In the Senior FFA division, the team consisting of Kenzie Plake, Kenzie Larson, and Emily Hartley placed 6th.

    The Tipton FFA Meats Evaluation team had a very successful experience by placing in the top 10 at the State Meats Career Development Event at Purdue University on Saturday, September 18th. The purpose of the Meats CDE is to allow members to demonstrate mastery skills in the areas of identification and evaluation, allowing for students to be more knowledgeable consumers of meat and meat products. Members completed carcass evaluations, meat identification and placing classes. Team members consisted of Drake Boyer, Jarod Cheek, Sophia Walker, and Brogan Foerg. Thank you to Justin Johnson for giving his time and efforts to lead the meats team this year!

    Members participating in the Horticulture C.D.E. identified fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and flowers. They also completed a horticulture industry knowledge exam. Team members included: Darci Dunn, Macy Nunemacher, Kinsey Nunemacher and Brielle Kellerman. The team placed 11th in the junior division.This is the first time that Tipton FFA has competed in this contest and they are excited to see members learn more using the greenhouse this spring.

    Caption for photo 1 (Milk Products):

    The Tipton FFA Milk Products team placed in the top 10 at the state contest.
    Pictured:  Andrew Powell, Jarod Cheek, Kyra Ley, Bailey Douglass, Conner Calloway, Drake Boyer

    Caption for photo 2 (Livestock Skillathon):

    Tipton Livestock Skillathon team members pictured are: 

    R1 - Kinsey Nunemacher, Macy Nunemacher, Lillian Cloud, Ada Schulenburg
    R2 - Robert Eisman, Trice Marsh, Ellie Powell
    BR - Kenzie Larson, Kenzie Plake, Emily Hartley, Brogan Foerg, Darci Dunn, Emma Powell, Brielle Kellerman, Wilbur Pearson

    Caption for photo 3 (Brogan):

    Brogan Foerg placed 1st in the junior division at Area Livestock Skillathon.

    Caption for photo 4 (Meats):

    The Tipton FFA Meats team placed in the top 10 at the state contest.
    Pictured: Drake Boyer, Jarod Cheek, Sophia Walker, and Brogan Foerg.

    Caption for photo 5 (Horticulture):

    Tipton FFA placed 11th in the State Horticulture Career Development Event.
    Pictured: Macy Nunemacher, Kinsey Nunemacher, Brielle Kellerman and Darci Dunn

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  • Tipton FFA Members Experience Wearing the Blue and Gold

    Posted by Bianca Stahl on 10/21/2021

    When you think of an FFA member, you probably think of the blue and gold corduroy FFA jacket that members have worn since 1933. The jacket unifies members in a long-standing tradition and reminds them that they are part of something bigger than themselves. High school FFA members are eligible to purchase their FFA jackets or apply for the Gift of Blue program which matches them with a donor who will sponsor their brand new FFA jacket and scarf or tie. Tipton FFA is very thankful for generous donors who make this experience possible for students. 

    This month, 20 excited Tipton FFA members experienced the feeling of putting on their very own FFA jacket for the first time. As you can see from the photos, some students were so excited they would not put their jackets down the entire school day! These members will have the opportunity to wear their new jackets to the National FFA Convention being held in downtown Indianapolis at the end of October. 

    Jackets were presented to chapter members at their monthly meeting on October 14th with over 40 members in attendance to celebrate this exciting accomplishment. Members will have the opportunity to wear these jackets to many events throughout their time in FFA including state FFA convention, district leadership development events, chapter meeting contests, advocacy days, and more.


    Caption for Photo 1:

    Students received their FFA jackets at a ceremony held during the chapter meeting earlier this month. Students pictured left to right:

    Back row: Hailey Carson, Bailee Jackson, Bryce Kesterson, Caleb Farr, Ella Sloan, Cora Rodibaugh
    Middle row: Joni Ripberger, Drake Boyer, Emily Hartley, Clair Dunn, Kellsea Armes
    Front row: Audrey Hoover, Bailey Douglass, Dylan Rockwell, Cadie Hussey, Lucy Lightfoot
    Not pictured: James Gates, Macy Fague, Emma Pratt, Lee Eubank 

    Group of students involved in the FFA

    Caption for Photo 2:

    Bryce Kesterson and Cadie Hussey received their FFA jackets from the mail during agriculture class.

    Bryce Kesterson and Cadie Hussey receive their FFA jacket during class, and they have big smiles.

    Caption for Photo 3:

    Kellsea Armes was so excited to receive her own FFA jacket that she held onto it all day!

    Kellsea Armes holds her jacket close and has an excited yet bashful expression

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  • Tipton FFA is Living to Serve

    Posted by Bianca Stahl on 10/21/2021

    The Tipton FFA was recently awarded a Living to Serve Grant through the National FFA Organization to help provide meat and produce to the local Good Shepherd Food Pantry. Through a partnership with a local FFA family, the FFA members were able to make their first donation of needed meat - 343 pounds of ground beef. The Tipton FFA and Agriculture Department has also been able to donate 98 gallon bags of greens from the tower gardens and over 40 pounds of fresh produce to the local food pantry.

    Photo 1 & 2:

    Tipton FFA members, Darci Dunn and Eric Grimes, present the beef donation to Deb Kuhn at Good Shepherd Food Pantry.

    Darci Dunn and Eric Grimes stand in front of a van packed with beef for donation

    Darci Dunn and Eric Grimes present the beef donation to Deb Kuhn at Good Shepherd Food Pantry

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