1:1 Program

  • Our district is 1:1, meaning every student has a device assigned to them. In the past, we had a blended system of 1:1 in our middle school and high school, and a "shared device" setup in our elementary school.

    With the rise in technological resources, it became clear that in order to best meet the needs of our students, we needed to rise to the exciting challenge of implementing a true 1:1 system throughout our school. We are proud to have come so far with our technology practices, and even more proud to be able to offer our students the opportunities that come with this technology.

    Tipton Elementary School

    Our elementary school students are equipped with an Apple iPad: each student is assigned a device that becomes "theirs" for the school year. Of course, their device also comes with a school-issued Apple-brand charger. Caring for these items falls on the student and family, so be sure to take good care of your equipment!

    Tipton Middle School

    Our middle school students have traditionally been assigned Apple MacBooks. However, due to the continuous cost of repairs and device purchases, and the opportunities offered by Apple iPad, we have begun the process of moving the middle school to an iPad-only solution. This process will culminate in the 2022-2023 school year. Middle school MacBooks will be reclaimed for other purposes during the 2022 summer, and we will assign those students iPads instead. As with the elementary, middle school students will also receive a charger and will be responsible for both the charger and the iPad.

    Tipton High School

    It is our belief that when our students graduate, they should be equipped with what they need to ensure their future is bright and successful. As freshmen, high school students are assigned a brand new MacBook that will follow them for the next four years (the duration of their time here at Tipton Community School Corporation). As graduating seniors, these students are offered the opportunity to purchase their school-issued MacBook and charger to take with them when they leave. They can then continue using it for college or wherever life may take them; therefore, it is in their best interest to take good care of their devices.