Our Schools

  • #WhyTipton?

    Three schools. One vision.

    At Tipton, we're committed to supporting every student in any way we can. Whether it's helping them apply to colleges as a senior, supporting their ever-changing ideas and goals as freshmen, encouraging them to try out for the team in seventh grade, or guiding them at study tables in elementary school, we are proud to assist them. Watching students come to our school and then leave to embark on life's journey is nothing short of incredible.

    It is a heartwarming and humbling experience.

    You, as a parent or guardian, entrust your child to us, and it is our deepest pleasure to teach, coach, mentor, and support them. 

    Working Together for Student Success

    It isn't just a slogan or motto--it isn't just words on a page. Not to us, anyway.

    We believe that with your help, we can build a foundation of skills and help nurture our students. We can support their dreams and goals, and we can instill a love of learning. Together, we are the difference between a student giving up on their work and themselves, and having the courage and strength to say, "I will keep trying. I can do this." 

    "Working together" doesn't mean working alone--it means a strong partnership with you. Together, we can build and support something incredible.

Our Promise

From the time you enroll to the time you graduate, we are committed to your future.