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Honoring the Past

  • Tipton, IN originally had three elementary schools--Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. All three serviced kindergarten through fifth grade students. Eventually, Jefferson Elementary was closed, and the kids were reassigned to Lincoln and Washington Elementaries, respectively.

    As time progressed, more changes were needed. Washington and Lincoln elementary divided their students, and assigned kindergarten through second grade (and 5th grade) students in Washington; grades three through four were relocated to Lincoln Elementary.

    Washington Elementary underwent construction and was expanded, so all the elementary-aged students were then moved to Washington Elementary. Prior to Washington's renovation, the elementary and middle school shared a main office. 

    The current building that still stands was opened in 1999. Once it was built, they discarded the prior elementary names and took the name Tipton Elementary, a more inclusive name. Several programs that originated at Washington Elementary continued on at Tipton Elementary, including a reading recovery program, a Title 1 program, and a readiness class for kindergarten students who weren't quite ready for first grade. 

    When Tipton Elementary officially started, it had a principal over the primary section (kindergarten through second grade) and a principal over the intermediate section (third through fifth grade). In 2019, services for pre-kindergarten were added, and at that time, the "separate" schools merged, becoming a more complete school with one principal and one assistant principal.