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Welcome to Pre-K!

  • Currently, our Pre-K program consists of about thirty students and is led by Kelly Gerster and Michelle Reynolds. 

    What do Pre-K students do, and who is eligible to join?

    Pre-kindergarten students learn many of life's most important skills, such as learning daily routines. They also become more familiar with our school; by the time they reach kindergarten, they're more than prepared for school life. Statistically, children who attend Pre-k do better in school. Help prepare your child for a lifetime of success and sign up today!

    Students must be four years old by August 1, 2024 to join the program.

    What's the advantage to enrolling my student in Pre-K?

    Your student will make friends with their peers, experience gym, recess, learning, and much more! Students even have the opportunity to visit Tipton FFA's yearly petting zoo. How fun!

    Where is TCSC's Pre-K program hosted?

    Our Pre-K class is in the kindergarten wing of our school. Although the program is funded by On My Way Pre-K, students attend school here at TCSC.

    What is the cost of the Pre-K program?

    Our Pre-K program is free for developmental preschool. For other students, the cost is $125 per week (or $25 per day) for full-day class or $75 per week (or $15 per day) for half-day class. However, it is important to note that since TCSC is an On My Way Pre-K provider, assistance is available for qualifying families. Breakfast and lunch are available at an additional cost, and are prepared in our school's cafeteria. Yum!

Pre-K Open House

Pre-K Overview

Ready to sign up?

  • Fill out this form if you'd like to enroll your preschool student for the 2024-2025 school year.

On My Way Pre-K

Pre-K Hours

  • Pre-K Hours (Full Days)

    Monday - Friday
    7:40 AM - 2:15 PM

    Prek-K Hours (Half Days)

    Monday - Friday (Morning)
    7:40 - 10:30 AM

    Monday - Friday (Afternoon)
    11:30 - 2:15 PM