Our District

  • #WhyTipton?

    At the heart of our district of 1,750 students and 964 families, we celebrate our diversity and varying backgrounds. The small town of Tipton is well-known for its agricultural heritage and tradition of strong athletic achievement. 

    The heart of Tipton Community School Corporation begins in its seeds: our school district places emphasis on individualized academic excellence. Because we have fewer students than you'd find in larger districts, we are able to provide them with more unique opportunities. We are small enough to offer students individual assistance, yet large enough to offer AP courses, a multitude of clubs, and a variety of athletics options. These offerings provide nourishment for students' roots to form.

    This is truly what sets our district apart from many others: it has a hometown, family-like feel to it, and there's plenty of room for everyone to grow. After students graduate, they are fully prepared to experience life and overcome anything--rain or shine.