Clubs & Activities

  • TCSC is honored to offer multiple club options for students. Joining a club can have many added benefits for students--including improving their physical, mental, and emotional health. 

    Although not all clubs are sports-related, and thus may not impact students' physical well-being as much, joining any sort of long-term group activity can improve both mental and emotional health. Clubs provide students a safe place to make new friends, collaborate, and work together toward common goals and ideas. It's a space for them to explore ways to make real changes in their lives--whether those be local or regional. 

    School can be difficult for students; sometimes it's difficult to make friends or "fit in" with others. Clubs provide an excellent introduction to other like-minded students with similar interests.

    In these pages, we'll explore a few of the many options available to our students. Please note that not every club may have a dedicated space yet, but we'll continue working to present more.