Middle School Opportunities

  • Middle school can be one of the most difficult parts of a person's life. It's filled with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and pressure from several sources. Students face pressure from their parents and teachers to perform well in school, and from their friends as well. It can be hard for them to make the right choices, but having the right friends can make that much simpler. 

    The question becomes complicated. How does a middle school student make the right kind of friends--friends who will support and encourage them, and help them stand against peer pressure? A hard question can have an easy answer: clubs and sports.

    Joining a club or sport can be just the positive impact a student needs in order to feel more accepted. Our middle school is pleased to have several clubs that students can join and participate in, and are exploring adding more clubs to this coming school year (2022-2023). If you or your student are interested in a club that does not yet exist, we encourage you to reach out the middle school team to inquire about it.

    Current opportunities are as follows:

Middle School Clubs & Activities

  • ASL

  • Art Club

  • Blue Crew

  • Builders' Club

  • FFA

  • National Junior Honor Society

  • Paper Publication

  • Robotics

  • Student Council

  • Walking Club

  • Yearbook

  • Yoga Club