K-Kids Overview

  • General Information

    K-Kids has been on hold due to the pandemic, but will return for next school year (2022-2023). The club tries to do service for our school, community, and state. The goal is to create the desire to continue community service once they age out of K-Kids. K-Kids meets monthly to plan activities.

    Who is eligible?

    Any student in grades three, four, or five may participate. Sometimes, the club will grow so large that it is divided into first and second semester groups; usually, over a hundred students participate, but there is no limit to the amount of students who can join.

    What's it about?

    K-Kids is a Kiwanis-sponsored club that teaches young children the importance of service to others. "I have been involved [in the program] for about ten years," said Ms. Kuhn. "I love that K-Kids encourages community service, which is something I spend my out-of-school time participaing in weekly."

    What do students do?

    The club has raised money for Riley Hospital and Indy Honor flight, and have hosted food drives for Good Shepherd Food Pantry. They have taken members to Millers Merry Manor to Christmas carol (and to play Bingo with the residents). The club has also sponsored school cleaning projects for the school (inside and out).