• #WhyTipton?

    At TCSC, we value academics and are committed to consistently improving. By bringing in committees to evaluate and advise on curriculum adoptions, we ensure every decision regarding curriculum is transparent and meaningful.

    Most recently, TCSC adopted a new math curriculum in each of the schools. This process took about six months, and consisted of forming a committee. Each building's committee included teachers, administrators, TCSC technology representatives, and parents. Resource meetings had clearly-defined objectives, resulting in productive and informative outcomes.

    The textbook adoption committee worked together to develop a rubric for evaluating each potential textbook/resource, and members attended textbook caravans to actually watch presentations about each product. After the caravans, members submitted feedback and rated each resource according to the rubric.

    After working together for several months, the committees voted on what they felt was the best fit for their building and colleagues. In the end, the elementary and high school committees chose Pearson/Savvas for their respective buildings, while the middle school chose Curriculum Associates. At first thought, it may seem odd that the middle school would choose a different resource, but it truly demonstrates the success of the committees. Because each group evaluated the resources in the context of what they decided was important, they were able to make the best choice for their colleagues and students.

    Working together to select the best curriculum was valuable, and we look forward to continuing to use resource adoption committees as curriculum needs shift.