Why Tipton?

  • #WhyTipton?

    "Why Tipton?" may end with a question mark, but it isn't a question--it's an answer. It's our answer to every question you have about why you entrust us with your child.

    When you think of pride, it's possible you think of arrogance. Did you know that you can have one without the other? Pride is not always a negative emotion; sometimes, it is the extra encouragement we need to achieve higher goals.

    At TCSC, we take pride in our positive work culture. We take pride in our outstanding staff--a group of people who, when they come together, make real magic happen in these buildings. We take pride in the construction work going on around our buildings... work that ensures our facilities will be beautiful and functional for years to come.

    We take pride in our bus drivers, who shoulder the great responsibility of safely transporting students. We take pride in our food service experts who serve nutritious meals for students and staff alike; we take pride in our custodial specialists who ensure our buildings are clean and safe. We take great pride in our aides and teachers who work together seamlessly to ensure the quality of education that you've come to expect from TCSC.

    Like anywhere, TCSC is not always "sunshine and rainbows." The responsibility of teaching and nurturing our future leaders is sometimes heavy, especially when we fall short of the goals we set. It is our pride that provides the extra endurance we need to persevere: even when test scores are low, we still have that pride that continues to drive us onward. Together. 

    Above all else, we take pride in our students--truly, they are a diverse, clever bunch of thinkers. They're thoughtful and resourceful, and we're so sure they will graduate and go on to do great things in our world. We're both proud and honored to assist them in their journey. We're constantly inspired by them, and we feel fortunate to be the ones who can remind them that the beginning is not the end.

    We take pride in growing ourselves and our students--together--and we take pride in the community we serve.