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THS Supply Lists

  • To ensure your student is fully prepared for class, please read through the recommended supply lists below.*

    *Note: Teachers may choose to participate in sharing class lists. At the high school level, teachers may simply choose to tell students in class what they will need for the year. As more lists are shared, this page will be updated accordingly.

Supply Lists

  • ACP Calculus (Seniors)

  • ACP Pre-Calculus (Seniors)

  • Agribusiness Management

  • Algebra I (Mrs. Cole)

  • Algebra I (Ms. Dunn)

  • Algebra II (incl. Honors)

  • ALS (Foods)

  • Analytical Algebra II

  • Animal Science

  • English 10 (incl. Honors)

  • English 9 (incl. Honors)

  • Geometry (incl. Honors)

  • German

  • Honors Pre-Calculus (Juniors)

  • Horticulture

  • Landscaping

  • PRIME Math

  • Principles of Agriculture