4th Grade Scope & Sequence Overview

  • Fourth-graders eagerly anticipate learning new and thrilling ideas. Although some concepts may seem difficult at first, students persevere and overcome obstacles, and take ownership of their own learning.

    In Math, students learn about place value, problem solving with multiplication, division with remainders, adding and subtracting fractions, and line plots. They also begin learning more advanced ideas, such as geometry and concepts of angles.

    Reading involves learning about comparing, contrasting, and summarizing; students also learn about setting, plot, point of view, and summarizing. In Social Studies, students tackle subjects like Indiana's geography and early history, and the American Revolution and Civil War. 

    In Science class, students learn about technology, design, ecosystems, energy, heat, electricity, and magnetism. They also learn about motion and force, as well as simple machines.

    To learn more about the scope and sequence of these classes, read through the document below.

    Note: the fourth-grade team elected to house their scope and sequence class documents in one large document. Note that the document begins with Math, then progresses through Reading, Social Studies, and Science.

4th Grade Scope & Sequence by Class (One Document)

  • 4th Grade (all classes)