Rotational Classes Scope & Sequence Overview

  • "Pioneer Classes" is a term that refers to classes that are not core classes like math or LA, yet are still required to progress through grade levels. These classes are still important for the academic and personal development of students.

    In Gym, students learn about fitness, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, soccer, handball, and several others. Middle school art covers perspective, painting, color theory, sculpture, and calligraphy. The sixth grade Communication/Construction course offers studies about technology, STEM, coding, 3D printing, and more.

    Students taking the seventh grade Manufacturing & Transportation class learn about assembly lines, machines and tools, energy and power, catapults, and design. In Health class, students learn about health, wellness, building healthy relationships, building character, cyberbullying, and mental and emotional health.

    Cadet Band teaches students the basics of playing their chosen instrument, and concludes with a performance, while Concert Band is significantly more advanced. General Music, a sixth grade class, teaches students to play basic melodies on a keyboard, read music, and identify musical instruments; alternatively, in the seventh grade General Music class, students learn to write rhythms, play simple melodies on a guitar, and discuss opera and ballet. 

    Agriculture, an eighth grade class, teaches about natural resources, as well as animal, plant, and food science.

Rotational Classes Scope & Sequence by Class

  • Agriculture (8th)

  • Art (7th and 8th)

  • Cadet Band

  • Communication/Construction Technology (6th)

  • Concert Band

  • General Music (6th)

  • General Music (7th)

  • Health

  • Manufacturing & Transportation (7th)

  • Physical Education

  • Prep for College & Careers