ELA Scope & Sequence Overview

  • Language Arts is one of the most valuable class clusters and the reason why is fairly obvious: communication. As a society, we rely on effective communication in every aspect of life, so learning to write well is imperative. Students must learn how to write well, and how to examine written materials and make inferences. 

    Some ELA classes are ACP, which stands for Advance College Project. These classes, which are dual credit programs through Indiana University, award college credits when completed.

ELA Scope & Sequence by Class

  • ACP Composition

  • ACP Speech

  • Creative Writing/Speech

  • Digital Media

  • English 10 Honors/English 10

  • English 11

  • English 11 Honors

  • English 12

  • English 9 Honors/English 9

  • Film as Literature

  • Genres of Literature