8th Grade Scope & Sequence Overview

  • Eighth grade is an exciting time for middle school students: they're eagerly anticipating high school. The eighth grade classes will be the most difficult they've faced thus far, but our students are determined and capable enough to handle anything.

    In English Language Arts, students focus on identifying and writing fiction, nonfiction, informative, and research writing; additionally, they continue learning about the parts of speech. Literature class covers themes, summary, character development, and compare and contrast. In Math class, students learn about real numbers, exponents, 3D objects, transformation, probability, and linear equations; in the same category, Algebra I offers insights on solving linear and quadratic equations and formulas, evaluating functions, polynomials, and square roots. 8th grade Science class includes learning about the chemistry of materials, genetics, evolution, weather, atmosphere, and how to study materials scientifically. Social Studies class details geography, historical foundations and knowledge, civics and government, and economics.

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8th Grade Scope & Sequence by Class

  • 8th Grade English Language Arts (ELA)

  • 8th Grade Literature

  • 8th Grade Math

  • 8th Grade Science

  • 8th Grade Social Studies

  • Algebra I (High School credit)