3rd Grade Scope & Sequence Overview

  • Third-grade students can expect to learn concepts that build upon things they learned in second grade. 

    Topics in Math include multiplication, calculating the area and perimeter of basic shapes, division, and quadrilaterals. Fractions, mixed numbers, money, and graphing also make an appearance. In Reading, students learn about story structure, cause and effect, theme, alliterations, poetry, and point of view; in Writing class, they use these ideas to write narratives, persuasive essays, and informative works. Students also learn how to research a subject, which will be invaluable as they get older.

    Topics covered in Social Studies include analyzing fact vs. fiction, visualizing history and customs, and expressing ideas about economics, civics, government, and geography. In the Science/Health portion of class, students learn about healthy behaviors, establishing a growth mindset, physical science, and engineering.

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    Note: the third-grade team elected to share their scope and sequence documents in one document. Please note that this document begins with Math, then discusses Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science/Health.

3rd Grade Scope & Sequence by Class (One Document)

  • 3rd Grade (all classes)