2nd Grade Scope & Sequence Overview

  • Second grade students have much to be excited about. They've been in school for a couple of years, at least, so they're familiar with how things in a classroom work. 

    In second grade, students learn about time, money, adding, subtracting, graphs, and data (Math). Students learn to summarize, make connections, and analyze settings in Reading class; they begin to make predictions and infer information. Writing class teaches them about narrative, persuasive, and informational writing, and in Science, they learn about life cycles, parents and offspring, and weather. In Social Studies, students learn about history, government, geography, and economics.

    To understand the scope and sequence of second grade coursework, read below.

    Note: the second grade team elected to maintain their scope and sequence subjects in one document. In the document below, you'll notice the first subject is Math, followed by Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies.

2nd Grade Scope & Sequence by Class (One Document)

  • 2nd Grade (All Classes)