7th Grade Scope & Sequence Overview

  • Seventh grade is an in-between time for students: they're not really elementary students anymore, and they've learned how to navigate middle school; on the other hand, they're still just a bit younger than high school. As classes grow more difficult, students learn to persevere and work hard to learn more complicated material.

    In English Language Arts, students practice identifying the main idea of texts and work toward determining an author's purpose. They work on writing narrative compositions and exposition. In Math, students look at real numbers, exponents, transformations, and probability. Science class covers materials like rocks, minerals, cell biology, disease, force, and motion. Social studies offers discussions about Africa, Asia, Russia, China, and Japan, among several others.

7th Grade Scope & Sequence by Class

  • 7th Grade English

  • 7th Grade Math

  • 7th Grade Math (Honors)

  • 7th Grade Science

  • 7th Grade Social Studies