Securly Filter

  • Whether a student receives an iPad or a MacBook, the student's internet traffic is digitally monitored. This does not mean that the Technology Department watches what students are doing at all times; rather, it means that there is a digital footprint of all the sites that students visit. This information can be searched if needed, and activity reports can be generated and downloaded.

    Additionally, Securly will actively block students from reaching inappropriate materials. In the instance a student attempts to reach inappropriate places online, Securly will display a block page.

    Some websites, while not inappropriate, can be used inappropriately. Securly allows websites to be easily blocked from student devices, which is helpful when websites are being abused. One recent example of this is a website that solved algebraic equations--while this could be helpful in many situations, it is not helpful to teachers who are trying to teach students how to solve these problems on their own.