TCSC Communications

  • TCSC communications are managed using a service called BrightArrow. BrightArrow allows us to communicate with parents on a mass scale using text messages and phone calls.

    To receive communications from TCSC, you need to opt in with BrightArrow.

BrightArrow Announcement

Promotional graphic for TCSC's BrightArrow adoption. Opt in for communications by texting 'yes' to 87569.

How to Opt In to BrightArrow

  • BrightArrow's opt-in process is easy! Simply follow these steps:

    1. Open the text messaging app on your mobile phone
    2. Text "Yes" to 87569
    3. You should receive a confirmation reply

    Please note: if you have already opted in to our prior messaging service, please opt in again using these instructions. We don't want you to miss any important announcements!