Safety Overview

  • Student safety is a priority at TCSC, and we are always looking for ways to add to our current systems. 

    At this time, we have over 150 cameras in use across the district. These cameras are viewable by administrators and our resident SRO (school resource officer), Officer Maddox, who is present daily. Footage from these cameras is kept and maintained on secure servers for a period of time before it is overwritten by newer footage.

    We have recently adopted environmental sensors and installed them in various locations across the district. These areas were determined to be high-risk for potential substance usage, and with these sensors, we can ensure that should that situation arise, administrators are notified of the incident immediately and can act quickly.

    To help ensure our students' safety online, we use the Securly filter on all TCSC-issued equipment. This is a tool that allows us to monitor students' activity online.