Middle School Golf Overview

  • Welcome to TMS Golf!

    Golf, unfortunately, is not an inexpensive school sport. The team does not receive any funds to pay for your student's passes or gold shirts, and we will detail those approximate costs for you below. Please know that if finances are an issue, you can speak with the coach, Ms. Crawford, privately.

    If your student needs to ride the bus from school to the golf course for practice, Bus #25 (tentatively) will be the bus they need to ride. They may bring their clubs with them to school for the first practice only and leave them in the middle school office. Ms. Crawford will pick them up and take them to the golf course. Due to federal and state regulations, large objects are not allowed to be transported on the bus every day; therefore, golfers will need to rent a locker at the golf course to store their clubs.

    Please read through the information below and email Ms. Crawford with any questions you may have. Practice begins on April 4th, weather permitting.

Golf Guidelines

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