Tipton Virtual Academy Hybrid

  • Grades 9-12 Indiana Online/Traditional TCSC Classes

    • Indiana Online for all core content classes, which includes English, Math, Science, and Social Studies taught by a certified teacher
    • Elective Classes through Edmentum and/or TCSC
    • Students must participate in a minimum of 7 classes per semester and remain on track for a Core 40 Diploma
    • Report Cards issued through Tipton High School
    • TCSC Transcript/TCSC Diploma
    • Must participate in all statewide assessments including, but not limited to, ILEARN Biology, PSAT, and SAT
    • Check-ins with Digital Learning Coordinator (TMS Assistant Principal)
    • May participate in afterschool activities and clubs, but is expected to abide by TCSC Athletic Eligibility Requirements, Athletics Code of Conduct and Board Policy 2430 - Corporation-Sponsored Clubs And Activities