Grading & Attendance

  • Considering whether or not the Tipton Virtual Academy is right for you (or your student)? It can be a lot to think about, especially if you aren't sure what to expect--or what a virtual experience could offer. Read below to learn about attendance expectations for virtual students and how grades are calculated!

Grading Policies

  • Course pacing and length will mirror the traditional school format of four (4), nine- (9) week grading periods and two (2) semesters.

    Grading Scale K-12:

    A    90-100
    B    80-89
    C    70-79
    D    60-69
    F    0-59

    Grading Scale K-5 Special Area Classes:

    S+  90-100
    S    80-89
    S-   70-79
    U    69-0

    Course content (High School Only):  All semester-based courses are one (1) credit. 

Attendance Policies

  • Attendance for Students: Students are required to work consistently and to follow the pacing provided in EdOptions Academy, Indiana Online and/or Edmentum. Students may complete more than what the pacing suggests each week and are encouraged to do so. 

    Students will be designated “In Attendance Virtual,” for attendance reporting to the state of Indiana through PowerSchool.  Once again, students must maintain pacing guidelines suggested by each program.  Failure to do so may result in an Attendance Conference with parents held by the Digital Learning Coordinator including other TCSC personnel.