TCSC Salutes School Bus Drivers

  • Tuesday, April 25th, 2023, was School Bus Driver’s Day. “I may be biased, but TCSC has an incredible Transportation Department,” said Dr. Ryan Glaze, TCSC Superintendent. “In their honor, I would like to take this opportunity to spotlight the invaluable contribution our drivers make at TCSC. They are a crucial link in the education chain and contribute to the success of our district. I can never say enough positive things about our transportation staff and drivers, who are the good stewards of our children and appreciated more than they know.”

    According to The National Academy of Sciences, The United States Department of Transportation, and other authorities, school buses are the safest form of transportation for getting children to and from school. Whether it is a large or small bus, almost half of American kids travel to school by district-provided school bus. Access to school buses dramatically decreases student absences, helping to make school buses a powerful force for American
    education, especially in rural and low-income areas. At TCSC, approximately 74% of its students ride the bus to and from school.

    With a fleet of some 20 school busses, TCSC bus drivers bring a combined 336 years of safe driving experience to our district. They are friends and neighbors who live and work in the community. They are also the first people from TCSC students and parents see in the morning and the last they see in the afternoon.

    Laurie Crawford, Transportation Assistant Coordinator, says that what our community members may not understand about our bus drivers is that they not only bring students to and from school, but they also drive educational field trips and sporting events. “What amazes me the most about our bus drivers is the way they call the kids by their names when exiting the bus for school and tell them to have a great day.”

    Randy Carlisle has been driving a school bus for 15 years, the past 5 for TCSC. Carlisle says the best part about his job is the student and staff interaction. “My job is about relationships and the ability to see students as we would like to be seen,” said Carlisle, who initially became a driver to supplement his income and now, it’s a part of his life. Mike Monday, who has been driving for TCSC for 10 years, agrees, “I enjoy the kids.”

    A school bus driver for 36 years, Tammy Smith says the best part of her job is getting to know the kids and their parents. “We really do try to make a positive difference in these children's lives every day,” she added.

    “The tireless dedication and hard work of our drivers and transportation staff help make it possible for the majority of our students to make it to school and have access to the education they need and deserve,” noted Dr. Glaze. “On behalf of the district and our community, thank you for your tireless efforts; you truly make a difference in the lives of our students and families--not just on this day, but every day you are behind the wheel of a bus.”

    Tipton Community School Corporation salutes and appreciates the invaluable contributions its bus drivers make to education and safety on a daily basis.

    group of bus drivers pictured in front of a yellow school bus

    TCSC drivers pictured: back row (l-r): Scott Cessna, Kenny Day, Matt Gall, Randall Hudson, Randy Carlisle, Charlotte Baird, and
    Bruce Schulenburg

    Middle Row (l-r) Tammy Smith, Beth Mitchell, Shayne Clark, and Jane Harper. Front row (l-r): Jim Voss, Dixie Cessna, Jennifer Edwards, Stacey Curnutt, Sandra Maple, and Becky Schulenburg

    Not pictured: Dave Health, Mike Monday, Robin Parr, and Debbie Smith

    Becky has short brown hair and wears glasses; she has a light yellow shirt with buttons

    Becky Schulenburg has been driving a bus for TCSC since May 2, 1995. Her husband, Bruce, has been a bus driver for TCSC since January 24, 1992.

    Kelly wears a blue Tipton Blue Devils t-shirt; she has medium-length brown hair and is wearing sunglasses and an Apple Watch

    Kelly Collis has been behind the wheel of a TCSC Bus Driver for 19 years.