Tipton Planetarium

  • Welcome to the Tipton Planetarium!

    Tipton Planetarium is located in the Tipton Middle School building at 817 S Main St, Tipton, IN. It was constructed in 1973 and is still furnished with the standard projectors and equipment of that time. In 2013, Tipton Community School Corporation (TCSC) received a grant from the Tipton County Foundation to add new digital equipment while maintaining the optical star dome, incorporating traditional planetarium displays within the new digital format. With this grant and matching contributions from local individuals and businesses, TCSC was able to acquire the Warped Media digital technology. This update allows selected movies and presentations to be presented in a full dome presentation.

    Collage of the planetarium that shows equipment, seating, and a notice written in German.

    In addition to serving the students of TCSC, the planetarium and its programs are available to the community, surrounding schools, and other organizations interested in using the facility for educational and civic events. A reasonable usage fee is applied to those outside of the corporation wishing to use the facility.

    Very few school systems in Indiana can boast a full-domed planetarium with star projector. TCSC is able to offer access to numerous Indiana students in surrounding communities who would otherwise not get the experience of a full-dome planetarium program or, alternatively, would have to travel to Indianapolis or the Chicagoland area to gain such an experience. TCSC can bring that experience closer to home and at a reasonable cost for students in the Tipton area.

    To schedule a group or class, please contact the TCSC Administrative Office at (765) 675-2147, or send an email to Dawn Benefiel.

Translating the Sign

  • The paper sign, written in "German" (not quite German, but a comical version of the language), has been posted on the projector's side since the planetarium was built.

    Sign written in inaccurate German. It has been on the planetarium's projector since it was installed.

    The sign reads:

    To Lookenspeepers*:
    The machine and equipment is not for finger-poking and hand-grabbing. It is easy to snap the spring works, blow the fuses with popping sounds and spitting sparks everywhere. It is not for use by dummies. You rubbernecking sightseers [should] keep your hands in your pockets--relax and watch the blinking lights."

    *translator's note: this likely means 'onlookers,' or something similar. This entire sign is actually a throwback to an old computer joke, making its presence here at TCSC honestly quite hilarious.