My Closet

  • "My Closet" is open to all TCSC students Preschool - 12th Grade.

    If a child is in need of a new outfit, the parent may call Mrs. Schultz to set up a time to come and "shop" at "My Closet". Students may visit "My Closet" one time a semester to get a new outfit completely free of charge! There are no eligibility guidelines and few or no questions asked. If a parent thinks his/her child needs a new outfit, the student qualifies. Parents who would like to set up an appointment for their child should call Mrs. Schultz at 675-7521, ext. 2235; alternatively, you can contact her outside of school hours at (317) 677-3477. Appointments are necessary to maintain confidentiality.

    Students "shopping" at "My Closet" will receive a jacket, shirt, pants, a package of socks, a package of underwear, and a haircut certificate to "Absolutely You Salon."

    Beginning October 15, "My Closet" will begin distributing winter coats, hats and gloves to students who need them. Call Mrs. Schultz to schedule a time to get a coat.