Mathematics Courses

  • While math may never be the most popular subject in school, it is still important for students to have a firm understanding of mathematical concepts. As high school students, we may think to ourselves, "I'm never going to need this."

    However, that simply isn't true: mathematics is used in every field. TCSC is fortunate to be able to offer a multitude of math courses for all skill and interest levels. 

Mathematics Course Descriptions

  • Advanced College Project (ACP) Pre-Calculus (Alg) (2564)

  • Advance College Project (ACP) Calculus (2544)

  • Advance College Project (ACP) Pre-Calculus (Trig) (2566)

  • Algebra I (2520)

  • Algebra II (2522)

  • Analytical Algebra II (2524)

  • CCR Bridge Math/Prime Math (2595)

  • Geometry (2532)