Over a Century of Excellence

  • Tipton Community School Corporation is a small, progressive school corporation known for its inclusiveness and preparation for post-secondary success. Officially incorporated on January 1, 1965, the corporation has deep roots in Indiana’s heartland dating back to the early 1850’s. Built on strong, Midwestern values with a rich and storied history of tradition and pride, this public education institution is over a century strong and growing. 

    “Growing empowered, future-ready students, prepared for a lifetime of opportunity and success.” 

A Journey Through Time

  • 1847-1852

  • 1869: New High School, New Outlook

  • 1899: Third Ward School & the First Tiptonian

  • 1900s: New High School, New Opportunities

  • 1920s: First Ward

  • 1930s-1940s: A Presidential Visit & the Start of Tipton's FFA

  • 1950s: The Sound of Music

  • 1960s: The Birth of TCSC

  • 1970s: Building a Planetarium

  • 1980s-1990s: Playing Basketball in Market Square Arena & Merging Elementaries

  • 2000s-Present: Still 'Growing' Strong