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  • Student Resources

    Our district would like to ensure all students have equal access to resources, as well as knowledge about that resource. Since our district, K-12, is 1:1, it is important that students know how and where to access their digitial resources.

    Google: Classroom, Email, & More

    Our district is a Google district, meaning we utilize Google servies for many aspects of our education and workflow for students and faculty. Typically, students (especially older students) will access their Gmail regularly on a daily basis. Their homework assignments will be posted in Google Classroom, and may require work in Google Sheets, Docs, or Slides. Each Google resource is accessible directly from Google's homepage once the student has signed into their TCSC-managed account.

    How to Sign In

    Students can sign in with Google by navigating to Their username, or email address, can be written with the following schema:

    first name + last name +

    So, for instance, a student named John Smith would have the email address

    A student's password follows this schema:

    first name + last name + lunch code

    If the faux student John Smith had a lunch code of 1234, his password would be johnsmith1234 (no spaces).


    PowerSchool Student

    TCSC recently adopted the PowerSchool platform. PowerSchool gives students access to their current grades, missing assignments, daily schedule, and more. Students can sign in to PowerSchool by navigating to our custom link,

    How to Sign In

    A student can sign into PowerSchool with their basic information. Their username uses the following schema:

    first name + last name

    Our fictional student, John Smith, would have the username johnsmith (no spaces).

    The student's password is typically their lunch code. In our example, if John's lunch code was 1234, his password for PowerSchool would also be 1234.



    Clever, a kind of student password keeper, is primarily used at lower grade levels. Apps that the district uses that integrate with Clever are added to the Clever portal for easy access. When a student signs into Clever, Clever stores their login information for various other applications and resources that they access. 

    How to Sign In

    Similarly to PowerSchool, Clever also has a TCSC-specific link. One of the most common issues with Clever is that students navigate to the incorrect Clever page--meaning they are attempting to sign in to another district's Clever with their TCSC credentials. To help avoid this, students can bookmark the Clever link, which is

    Students can sign in with Google, or manually type in their TCSC email address and password (instructions above) to access their Clever portal.

    How does it work?

    Only Clever administrators can add applications to Clever for student and staff use. Each linked application can have different capabilities depending on what the app's manufacturer decides to do. For instance, depending on the app, Clever can:

    • Store (remember) passwords after a student has accessed the resource via the Clever portal and signed in to the resource
    • Automatically create an account for the student and automatically sign them in to the resource when they click the resource's icon
    • Automatically place the student into the correct class/teacher's roster for the resource
    • A combination of any or all of the above

    For more information about what students see, click here.