High School Renovation

  • For many students, high school is the culmination of years of work and perseverance. As our high school undergoes a much-needed renovation, you can follow the building-specific changes here.

Recent Updates

  • Updates - 6/2/22

    Posted by Bianca Stahl on 6/2/2022 7:00:00 AM

    The weather has still been a deterrent to the project, but some progress has been made. "We're right in the middle of everything," says Dan Benefiel.

    The turf field is in the final stages of the gravel and compaction, and the construction workers will start laying the padding for the turf soon. The Total Seed Production Greenhouse's walls have been completed, and the greenhouse parts have arrived--meaning it is ready for assembly.

    The middle school freezer and refrigerators have been removed, and the damaged flooring has been repaired. The new freezer has arrived and is ready for installation. This new freezer has cutting edge technology, and is a higher capacity unit (it can hold more product). It has a more efficient cooling system to help save the school money in the long-term.

    Currently, the press boxes are being updated to include network connections. Individuals inside the pressbox will be able to access the internet to update scores. We anticipate that this network connection may allow us to livestream games.

    In the high school, construction workers will soon begin demolition of the north science rooms. Although it's a remodel, entire concrete walls between rooms will be removed--it's a major overhaul. All gas lines will be replaced with new bunsen burners, new lab storage areas with specialized exhausts will be built, new drain lines will be installed, and more. This portion of the project includes the high school IT office as well as six other classrooms. 

    On the inside of the school, the middle school and elementary libraries have both been emptied of books; the shelving units are in the process of being moved to the libraries' new (and temporary) homes. The elementary library will be split into two classrooms, and the middle school library will, unfortunately, be unavailable for the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year.

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  • Updates - 4/26/2022

    Posted by Bianca on 4/26/2022

    In its current state, the project is in full swing!

    Right now, we're still groundbreaking in some areas. The construction team milled and demolished the student parking lot and broke ground on the Total Seed Production Greenhouse. They're currently removing the topsoil and sod from the high school football field as they are able (due to weather, the grounds have been muddy). This soil will eventually be replaced with astroturf.

    The tennis court surfacing and lighting have been removed and are also to be replaced--these courts will be moved to the corner of State Road 19 and Park Road. 

    We've started upgrading electrical panels in the industrial arts wing of the high school; additionally, we've replaced the electrical system in the middle school kitchen to support a new freezer and refrigeration unit. 

    Check out a video of the barren football field!

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