Updates - 4/26/2022

Posted by Bianca on 4/26/2022

In its current state, the project is in full swing!

Right now, we're still groundbreaking in some areas. The construction team milled and demolished the student parking lot and broke ground on the Total Seed Production Greenhouse. They're currently removing the topsoil and sod from the high school football field as they are able (due to weather, the grounds have been muddy). This soil will eventually be replaced with astroturf.

The tennis court surfacing and lighting have been removed and are also to be replaced--these courts will be moved to the corner of State Road 19 and Park Road. 

We've started upgrading electrical panels in the industrial arts wing of the high school; additionally, we've replaced the electrical system in the middle school kitchen to support a new freezer and refrigeration unit. 

Check out a video of the barren football field!