About Us

Tipton Middle School offers a wide array of classes and opportunities for our students. We have extracurricular activities like band and choir and after-school clubs. This variety allows students of all interests and backgrounds to come together to reach common goals.

Our athletics program is exceptional and offers our students even more choices for building positive relationships with their peers. Good sportsmanship and a team mentality are both excellent life skills that can be learned at an early age.

A strong focus on academics ensures our students will be prepared for future life work, and gives them the confidence they need to succeed.

Tipton Middle School
817 S Main St,
Tipton, IN 46072

Phone: 765-675-7521
Fax: (765) 675-9027

Office Staff

Principal: Melissa Kikta
Assistant Principal: John Ayars
Guidance Counselor: Lynn Calloway
Student Services: Gena Schultz
Administrative Secretary: Laurie Crawford
Athletics Secretary: Linda Whitesell
Treasurer: Dawn Moody
Nurse: Susie Ragan-Walsh

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