About Us

Tipton High School provides its students with a challenge: to see how much they can learn and improve. Our high-level courses encourage high-level thinking and personal accountability. We offer several foreign language courses as well as classes that offer some college credits.

Our students have exciting opportunities for sports, band, choir, and various other extracurriculars. We encourage and facilitate group and individual learning; this offers learners the experiences needed to hone these life skills.

All high school students receive a school-issued MacBook Air to complete coursework and research. Students have a great deal of freedom on their devices; however, they are also filtered using our Securly service. This service allows us to help maintain a safe learning environment.

Tipton High School
619 S Main St,
Tipton, IN 46072

Phone: 765-675-7431Fax: (765) 675-9519

Office Staff

Principal: Rik Stillson
Assistant Principal: Craig Leach
Admin. Assistant: Karen Kesterson
Counselor: Carrie Capshaw
Counselor: Christine Nichols
Treasurer: Jayne Day
Guidance Secretary: Adele Wright
Athletic Director: Kory Fernung

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