Welcome Aboard!

Being a freshman in the THS Blue Devil Band will be a new experience. THS band is nothing like what you have done to this point in your band life.

We no longer require practice forms but do grade you on your performance. To help bring your grade up you can use the practice form in the form section. Band in high school is active and we do not have much time to achieve proficiency unless you get a handle on what you need to do. That is why the first summer is so important. you will find your summer calendar in the summer band section. The calendar section will have the calendars for the entire year when they come available. The calendars will be updated at least once a month or when needed.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me any time. Call or text at my cell 317-385-0489 or at my email rfletcher@tcsc.k12.in.us. Notes forms are an essential part of our book keeping. You are allowed one emergency miss (Please do not take if you do not need to) for family maters. Work is not a reason for a miss performance. If there is a need for misses of a performance you must do an approved report on music (look in hand book) You are graded on performance. you must have a note in before a miss. Notes are for my paperwork and to relieve me of the responsibility of that student for that performance and to know that a parent or guardian knows of the miss. If you do not have a note there will be a "0" for that performance till I get one, it will then be changed to an "E" (excused) or an "I" (incomplete till I get the report). Notice all ISSMA events are required performances.

You get three grades in band class & a grade for all performances.

  1. Class & performance attendance (Not there, Tardy, etc.... )(shown as class attendance).
  2. Class participation & playing level (shown as class performance)
  3. Class & performance conduct (shown as class conduct)
  4. Each performance I.e., football games, basketball games marching festivals etc.. have individual grades.

You will receive these grades each 9 weeks added to a final at the semester.
All ISSMA performances count 300 points.

Discipline We have a four tear system

  1. for problems that are not severe I will warn the student. If the action continues I will issue a written warning. and take my action (could be after school clean up etc...).
  2. If the infraction continues I will do a referral to the office and Inform the parent for a conference with me and ask for more after or before school work.
  3. If there continues to be problems I will Issue a disciplinary request to the office. Also there will be a meeting with the parent, a principal, and myself with disciplinary action taken like after school detention or In school suspension.
  4. If the problems are still not resolved, I will ask for withdrawal of the student with an "F".

I have only reached step 3 once and it went to step 4 soon after. I feel that the parents and I can work out the problems best.

As a freshman you will be asked to load & unload the band trailer and bus. Clean-up is a responsibility of freshmen and you will be assigned to certain tasks like clean-ups, helping band student officers with tasks, and helping with percussion instruments and props. These jobs get less the longer you are in band.

To all new freshmen I look forward to working with you and your parents in the coming year.