About the Coach

Hello! My name is Tori Miller and I am 22 years old. I live in Tipton and I graduated from Tipton High School in 2010. I also just graduated from the Art Institute of Indianapolis with my Bachelor degree in graphic design. I work part time as a graphic designer in Sharpsville.

I also was in the color guard when I was in high school for three years. It was something I loved doing and was always challenging myself to become better. It brought me out of my shell. There were no captain positions while I was in guard, but I did help in making up most of the routines I performed. I am very passionate about this job, which is why I started as an unpaid volunteer.


We have had Holly Spray brought in as the twirling coach to work with the girls who want to twirl baton. She has been a huge help this summer and I look forward to working with her. She does not attend class during school hours but she is with us after school and during all performances.

Something New

We are doing things a little differently this year. Due to the drama from the past couple years, we are combining the twirlers and the guard girls into one Auxiliary group. This means ALL GIRLS will be required to learn and perform flag and dance if necessary. Any girl is more than welcome to learn how to use some or all of our equipment. Girls that twirl will always twirl when the opportunity comes up (parades, certain parts of the show, etc.); however, at some points of routines all girls will be performing through dance or flag, especially if we compete in winter guard. This gives a better overall look to the routines and allows the girls to become more versatile in color guard. I feel this will allow us to become closer and be a better team!


Participation is very important when it comes to the band and auxiliary. It shows your dedication to the band and it is a part of your grade. It is also required when working as a team. If a girl is not participating in class, after school practices, or does not attend enough classes or practices, then I have the right to dock their grade and/or pull them out of the current or upcoming routine.

Attendance is also important. The rules for attendance are the same for the band as well as auxiliary. If a girl will be missing a practice or performance, a note from a parent is required. Otherwise the girl will receive a ZERO for their grade that day. There are ways of making up their missing points. Bands members have to write reports; auxiliary members have to create routines within a given deadline.


Auxiliary are encouraged to participate in any band fundraiser, but those profits go to the band account that is used for trips and other costs. The auxiliary has their own fundraisers to help raise money for any extra outfits and/or props that we might need for basketball/winter guard season.

As of right now, we will not be having any fundraisers that allow the girls to handle money due to stealing problems in the past. This means we can no longer have bake sales at school unless a parent, adult, or I can be there at all times. We recently had a car wash this past summer and were very successful. If any parent or girl has fundraising ideas, please feel free to share. We are always trying to find new ways to raise money!

If a girl does not participate in an auxiliary fundraiser, she will have to pay out of pocket whenever that fundraiser money is used. For example, if a girl participates in 2 out of 3 fundraisers, then the girl would have to pay a third of the cost out of pocket whenever that money is used to make up for the one fundraiser she did not participate in. I keep track of the girls’ participation and the profits that are made. All fundraisers will require a coach and/or parent to be present at all times.


Every girl is provided with a locker. The school will also provide a lock for every used locker. The girl will receive the combination for her lock while the auxiliary and band directors will have a key to access any locker if needed. These lockers are provided for storage for all the girls costumes and other outfits as well as storage for school and personal items during practices and performances.

It is very important for these lockers to be used wisely! If an item or article of clothing is left unattended outside the locker then it will be turned in to the lost and found pile. If a locker is left open and/or unlocked, the girl’s grade will be deducted.

Probationary Auxiliary Members

Probationary auxiliary members are members of the band who would like to perform with the auxiliary, but cannot be an auxiliary full-time due to being in band. This means any band member who wants to be in auxiliary is allowed to do so, but they are not guaranteed to be in every winter performance.

How probationary works is any band member is allowed and encouraged to practice with the auxiliary as much as possible, but there is no guarantee they will get to perform unless they can learn quickly and well enough to blend in with the full time auxiliary members. Most likely, the sooner the probationary member practices with the auxiliary, the more likely they will get to perform. This rule counts towards competition in winter guard as well.

Also, this probationary rule goes towards any student in the high school who would like to be auxiliary. However, every student will need to be evaluated before they start practicing. Mr. Fletcher and myself will perform the evaluation.

Recommended Wardrobe

Every girl’s uniform will include the following:

  • 1 black tank top leotard (currently in the process of purchasing if needed)
  • 1 black long sleeve leotard
  • 2 tunics (tops - 1 for shows and 1 for parade)
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 1 pair of black jazz pants

Every girl is REQUIRED to have these in their wardrobe at home because they will only come in handy during certain performances (this means out of pocket cost to you):

  • black and skin colored panty hose
  • black tank top
  • blue and/or black t-shirt (preferably a Tipton shirt)
  • black shorts and leggings

Every girl will be REQUIRED to have a sports bra (black and/or skin colored) for performances. G-strings and thongs are FORBIDDEN from being worn during performances.

Hair and Make-up

Every girl will be using make-up and doing hair for performances. Every girl will need their own make-up. Sharing make-up is not recommended. We usually have extra hair ties, bobby bins, hair spray, hair straighteners, etc. if needed but it is recommended that the girls provide their own.


Grading is very similar between the band and auxiliary. The auxiliary will be graded on their Conduct (attitude), Attendance (participation and attendance), Performance (ability to do the routines) and Assignments (any competition or event outside of school). All of these categories are based on 100 points. As mentioned above, if a girl will be missing a practice or performance, she must provide a note from a parent or she will receive a 0 for the grade. Each girl is allowed 1 miss for a family event or emergency. Work is not considered an excuse for missing a practice or performance! Any girl who misses and receives a zero is given the chance to make up points as mentioned above in the Participation/Attendance section.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me or TOP at any time. If I don’t answer, please leave a voice mail and I will return your call.

Band Director: Top Fletcher
Cell: 317-385-0489
Email: rfletcher@tcsc.k12.in.us

Auxiliary Director: Tori Miller
Cell: 765-438-9517
Email: tmiller@tcsc.k12.in.us