Mission Statement: Working together for student success

Vision Statement: The future success of TCSC is dependent upon our school’s strong partnership between students, staff, parents, and community. This collaboration provides opportunities for student success and growth in their academic, vocational, and personal pursuits. It is an environment where students take ownership of their future while becoming respected, responsible, citizens in an ever-changing world. A highly motivated staff implements best practices through a well-articulated K-12 curriculum and oversees development in students’ character, social, and collaborative skills.

Belief and Value Statements

We believe:

  • all students can learn and achieve;
  • education is a partnership between schools, families, and community;
  • a diverse learning environment and high expectations maximizes student success and achievement;
  • content, instruction and assessments must be stimulating, intellectually challenging and relevant to the lives and future success of the students;
  • professional development is essential for all staff members;
  • every person is a teacher and role model through their actions;
  • in recruiting, retaining, and developing a highly qualified, highly effective staff;
  • our schools are a positive reflection and an integral part of the community;
  • that family and community integration enables students to see value in learning, fosters a sense of responsibility, and provides safe and secure learning environments;
  • sound financial planning and implementation is essential to achieve district/corporation goals;
  • fine arts, creative arts, academic clubs, and athletic experiences facilitate personal growth, leadership and positive relationships; and,
  • a responsible education also includes values, personal reflection, interpersonal relationships, and social responsibilities.

We value:

  • the uniqueness of each student;
  • instructional practices based on evidence-based research;
  • a well planned, articulated curriculum that is implemented throughout the K-12 setting and meets the individual needs of students;
  • collaborative relationships between community members, businesses, and leaders for the benefit of our students and public education;
  • facilities that are safe and well- maintained to provide a quality learning, working, and social environment; and,
  • the integration of technology as a tool which enhances student learning, reduces expenses, and improves efficiencies.

Corporation Goals

  1. Develop and articulate the K-12 curriculum – LT
  2. Expand and enhance collaborative community partnerships. – LT
  3. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program implementation – LT
  4. Develop a professional development plan for K-12 certified staff. –ST
  5. Develop a corporate technology integration initiative. – ST