Student Services Contact Information

Director of Student Services

Program Administrator for Title l, Title lll, Special Education, and High Ability.

Staci Duncan sduncan@tcsc.k12.in.us 765.675.2147

Title l Coordinator

Shari Cottingham scottingham@tcscs.k12.in.us 765.675.7397

Special Education and Title lll Coordinator

Michelle Dunham mdunham@tcsc.k12.in.us 765.675.7397

High Ability Coordinators:

Tipton Elementary

Shari Cottingham scottingham@tccs.k12.in.us 765.675.7397

Tipton Middle School

Briana McDonough bmcdonough@tcsc.k12.in.us 765.675.7521

Tipton High School

Amy Cole acole@tcsc.k12.in.us 765.675.7431