About Us

At Tipton Elementary School, we take great pride in cultivating a learning environment that encourages collaboration and respect among peers. Learners have exciting opportunities in art, music, and computer classes. 

We encourage collaboration whenever possible, and appreciate group learning. Students learn how to work with others--a skill that will benefit them throughout life.

Our young learners also have great opportunities to join a sport, which helps to further reinforce the teamwork skills they learn in the classroom. 

Here, we help lay the bricks for a strong foundation. Working with peers, accepting guidance, and taking responsibility are just a few of many valuable skills that are learned at a young age. Children are the future, and it starts now!

Tipton Elementary School
1099 S Main St,
Tipton, IN 46072

Phone: 765-675-7397
Fax: (765) 675-6211

Office Staff

Principal: Lori Rayl
Assistant Principal: Caylie Dicken
Guidance Counselor: Rachele Carter
Secretary: Renee Mraz
Secretary: Deb Kuhn
Nurse: Barb Bowman

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