Working together for student success!

Tipton Community School Corporation – a school community where we, the students, parents, patrons and school community, are providing quality education in a safe environment for each student.

The Tipton community is a progressive, rural area just north of Indianapolis. Our total school enrollment is approximately 1,750. We are large enough to offer many wonderful academic and extra curricular programs yet small enough to know our students as individual learners.

Tipton Community schools have at the heart of their mission to ensure all students have the opportunity to attain their scholastic, social, and personal potential so they can contribute productively as citizens, employees, and leaders in our society. We strive toward excellence in education now so our students can achieve excellence through application in the future.

Students can take advantage of numerous curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs that are offered in the schools of Tipton. Our schools strive to meet the diverse needs of all students from those with high abilities to those with special needs. Technology applications are woven throughout the curriculum with computer labs operational at all buildings.

Tipton Community School Corporations' successes have been many. Future challenges will be met through the continued cooperation of the entire community.

Office Staff:

Dr. Ryan Glaze, Superintendent
Shayne Clark, Director of Student Services
Scott Jaworski, Director of Student Achievement and Learning
Steven Gingerich, Director of Technology
Dan Benefiel, Director of Building Maintenance
Eric Johnson, Director of Facilities
Amy Phillips, Corporation Treasurer
Tonja Carter, Deputy Treasurer
Dawn Benefiel, Executive Secretary
Mary Anne Cowan, Receptionist

Ask the Superintendent

Is there something you'd like to ask our superintendent? Feel free to send him an email by clicking here and voice your questions.

Note: responses will be timely, but not necessarily daily.

Tipton Community School Corporation

1051 S Main St,
Tipton, IN 46072

Phone: 765-675-2147
Fax: 765-675-3857

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