THS Blue Devil Auditorium

The THS Auditorium is a facility that strives to meet the needs of the school and the community. The students that run the auditorium work after school on Friday make sure that the facilities are clean and running properly. They also are present for all performances. The student organization is called "Sparks". Sparks facility adviser is R.D. (Top) Fletcher. The student auditorium director is Mathew Raman.

To see if the auditorium is available you can call Top at 1-765-675-7431 ext. 128. In order to reserve the auditorium you must contact Mrs. Kesterson at the high school office 1-765-675-7431 ext 100. All school activities take precedence and we will try to accommodate community organizations like Tipton Community Theater, Tipton Community Band and civic groups. If there are athletic activities scheduled in the Auxiliary Gym you will have to work around them. We look forward to working with you.

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