Call the following number to report an absence: 675-7521 ext. #200 

If your child is going to be absent from school, either for the morning or for the entire day, please call the TMS Student Absence Mailbox. This mailbox is a part of our voice-mail system. Please leave your name, the student's name and grade, and the reason for the absence. If you call before 9:00am, you may request homework for your student. Homework can be picked up in the middle school office after 2:00pm. If you need to talk to someone in the office or need more information, please call the middle school office at 675-7521 Ext. 200.

When your student returns to school, please send a note. If the student went to the doctor (general physician, eye doctor, dentist, etc.) please ask for a note from the doctor's office so we can mark the student's absence accordingly.