We believe:

  • all students can learn and achieve;
  • education is a partnership between schools, families, and community;
  • a diverse learning environment and high expectations maximizes student success and achievement;
  • content, instruction and assessments must be stimulating, intellectually challenging and relevant to the lives and future success of the students;
  • professional development is essential for all staff members;
  • every person is a teacher and role model through their actions;
  • in recruiting, retaining, and developing a highly qualified, highly effective staff;
  • our schools are a positive reflection and an integral part of the community;
  • that family and community integration enables students to see value in learning, fosters a sense of responsibility, and provides safe and secure learning environments;
  • sound financial planning and implementation is essential to achieve district/corporation goals;
  • fine arts, creative arts, academic clubs, and athletic experiences facilitate personal growth, leadership and positive relationships; and,
  • a responsible education also includes values, personal reflection, interpersonal relationships, and social responsibilities.

We value:

  • the uniqueness of each student;
  • instructional practices based on evidence-based research;
  • a well planned, articulated curriculum that is implemented throughout the K-12 setting and meets the individual needs of students;
  • collaborative relationships between community members, businesses, and leaders for the benefit of our students and public education;
  • facilities that are safe and well- maintained to provide a quality learning, working, and social environment; and,
  • the integration of technology as a tool which enhances student learning, reduces expenses, and improves efficiencies.

Our Middle School Beliefs:

  • We believe middle schools should address needs of young adolescents brought about by their rapid physical, social and emotional growth.
  • We believe each student can succeed through hard work and self-discipline encouraged and supported by all Tipton Middle School staff.
  • We believe those involved in public education at Tipton Middle School should set an example of responsibility, respect for others, good citizenship and life-long learning.
  • We believe students should have the opportunity to develop positive attitudes and values for accepting increased responsibilities for self, classmates, community, and the world.
  • We believe students should learn from the past, identify with the present and prepare for the future.
  • We believe schools need positive participation of parents to ensure the best opportunity for student success.
  • We believe that the love of learning, as modeled by staff, will inspire student achievement.
  • We believe Tipton Middle School provides a safe, structured, and supportive environment where all students are presented the opportunity to succeed.
  • We believe in communication with all parents in a timely fashion.

Tipton Middle School Writing Applications Goal

By June 2019, 85% of all students will demonstrate a proficiency in the writing applications standard. The IPI score for the writing applications standard on the ISTEP+ test will also rise to at least 10 points above the passing cut score in English/Language Arts.

The entire school improvement plan may be accessed by clicking here.