Information for Parents for Car Drop-off
Information for Parents for Car Drop-off
Kathy Heaston
Wednesday, August 22, 2018

  • Morning Drop Off by Parents in Cars – Parents, please pull up to the stop sign on the west end of the drive.
  • Students need to load and unload on the curbside of your car. This is safety measure
  • Please don’t get out of your car to drop off your students.  If you need to help your child in and out of the car (seatbelt), please park in the parking lot, so as to not hold up traffic.  You will need to walk your child across the traffic lane. 
  • End of day pick up. Parents please stay in car and follow directions of school personnel directing traffic. Children should only enter cars from the passenger side.  Children walking across the crosswalk must be accompanied by an adult.  Thank You