8th Grade at the Tipton Public Library Civil War Field Trip
Craig Leach
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The eighth grade TMS Social Studies classes took a field trip on May 15, 2019 to the Tipton County Public Library to participate in its annual Civil War reenactment series.  

The program was produced by Shelly Powell (Graphic Artist/Event Coordinator, Tipton Co. Public Library) and features Corporal Robert Jordan (a professional Civil War rein-actor and historian) & Kendra Hummel (portrays Belle Boys).  Corporal Jordan has been traveling all over the United States for over 30 years participating in mock battles, speaking to school students, and hosting special events to commemorate the events and honor the veterans of the Civil War.  CPL. Jordan has worked at legendary locations like Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Shiloh, Tennessee; locally at events like the Hartford City Civil War Days and hundreds more.  

Our students were immersed in local stories of Tipton County veterans that many of them had never heard.  Tipton County had hundreds of men participate for the Union in the Civil War.  Cpl. Jordan demonstrated to our students what life would have been like for a Union cavalry soldier in the 1860's.  He brought artifacts, clothing, and weapons used by the men in the war.  Mrs. Powell prepared a sample of hardtack for the students to taste so they could experience the rations of the soldiers of that period.  

This annual trip is an essential part of our student's educational journey through the Civil War and the TCPL and Cpl. Jordan do and fantastic job of creating hands on learning opportunity for us.   This trip is a highlight of our eighth grade year and we appreciate all the Tipton County Public Library does for our students.